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After travelling the world and developing their skills through different experiences they have decided to start their own company. This has allowed them to put their unique skills into practice bringing their clients ideas and dreams into their forever homes.

Aaron McCoy
Aaron McCoyBuilder & Owner
At just thirty years old Aaron has attained more than thirteen years of experience in the building industry.
Over the course of his time, he has also managed to attain his Domestic Builders Unlimited License and completing a Diploma in Building and Construction.
Aaron has managed a multitude of projects in his extensive career in the building industry, giving him opportunities to continuously refine his skills, Aaron is hardworking with a meticulous approach to every job, additionally he is also approachable and has a high attention to detail that ensures every project is completed to immaculate standards. Over the course of his thirteen years of experience he has also had opportunities to complete projects in Vanuatu, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, and India.
This has allowed him to refine his carpentry skills to become more of an innovator. These experiences have broadened his knowledge and experience in the building industry.
Callum McCoy
Callum McCoyBuilder & Owner
At twenty-five Callum began his carpentry journey at just fifteen years of age.
Over the last ten years Callum has built an extensive understanding of the building industry. Callum takes a methodical approach to all his endeavours ensuring that detail oriented on all projects which he believes in essential to the work done by Banksia Breeze.
He is currently building on the industry knowledge through attaining his Domestic Builders Limited License. Callum also has a keen interest in the relationship between the environment and the building industry.
This has led him to seek further studies in Horticulture and Landscape Construction and Design. Callum has partaken in opportunities to grow his experience in carpentry through completing projects in Nepal, Malaysia, and Cambodia. It was in these projects that he was able to build on his ecological philosophies in carpentry by thinking about the design and execution of projects.

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